Since 1978, our family business has set out to create innovative, professional hair products where we turn to the real experts for advice, our clients. Well over 2000 stylists, salon owners, and authorized retailers worldwide, participate in multiple stages of the Bohyme® development process. Honest relationships with our global network have provided priceless insight and understanding as to what is needed in the market. Sharing legitimate knowledge and transparency are vital for us all to keep progressing in such a demanding, unregulated industry. 

    Our clients are experienced and educated so we don't spend our budget on unnecessary marketing gimmicks. It is against our company policy to pay anyone to endorse our hair because we don't believe in that approach. Instead, we use that budget to make improvements in the environmental and human relationship fields. Water is the single largest waste in the hair extension industry and we wouldn't be able to respect ourselves if we stood by and did nothing. Our facilities in China and South Korea are required by the government to implement water treatment programs that reduce water waste and pollution. We also respect every individual involved in the Bohyme® process so fair wages, time, and the work environment must align with our standards.

    We have met so many individuals from our network, who are taking on the "hair for the truly imaginative" message to heart. Stylists who have taken time out of their hectic schedules to help us in medical hair replacement fields, business owners who support their local communities, salon owners who have used hair extensions as a platform to establish charitable foundations. It is all so inspiring to our team and it drives us to keep providing the support the Bohyme® network deserves.

    Thank you from the bottom of our heart for being brave enough to push the boundaries and keep asking the tough questions so that we can all come together to create positive changes.