Our Story

We don’t make synthetic hair products, curling irons, or hair brushes.

All we do, and all we have ever focused on, is producing the finest human hair extensions. My family has been in the hair business for 3 generations. We started Fashion World Ent., Inc in 1978 and for the past 39 years we have been operating out of Chicago, IL USA.

We introduced Bohyme, in 1990, in an effort to show the world that there was a much higher quality human hair product that could be used for endless opportunities. “Hair for the Truly Imaginative.”

We are interested in one thing and that is producing the best possible hair the world has to offer.

With an increasing amount of hair boutiques claiming to have the best hair in the market, we can attest to the truth—high quality, consistent hair is only achieved through long lasting relationships and secure sources. It is these relationships and sound way of doing business that has shaped our business for the past 39 years.  We pride ourselves on our quality product and our unmatched ability to treat all our customers with the utmost respect they deserve. 

Sam Hong

President & CEO

Fashion World Ent., Inc / Bohyme