Bohyme® Pro-Tips or also known as keratin-tipped hair extensions is made with the highest quality 100% Remi® human hair.

Bohyme Pro-Tips extensions are small bundles of hair, called strands which are attached near the roots of your natural hair with micro rings. The benefits of applying hair extensions with Pro-Tips allow for a unique and customized solution for any client by selectively placing extensions in desired areas.

Deciding on color?

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Not only are they easy to install and remove, they can also be utilized for a full head of extensions or for different colored highlights. With proper care, pro-tips can last for a very long time. As you wear these extensions, your hair will grow as they normally would and a stylist can simply readjust the height to be back in the proper position with ease. Bohyme offers two popular styles in pro-tips, Body Wave and Silky Straight.